Our menu

Our menu celebrates Mediterranean seafood cuisine, with a wide variety of rice dishes, fresh fish and seafood, selecting the best seasonal ingredients to satisfy the tastes of our customers.

To start with...

  • Seafood russian salad with lobster
  • Sauteed cuttelfish with garlic sprouts
  • Crystal Prawns
  • Battered squid rings, fresh from the bay
  • Grilled squid, fresh from the bay
  • Octupus, grilled on burning embers
  • Home-made lobster croquettes
  • Marinated wild sea bass
  • Cod carpaccio
  • Wagyu Steak Tartare
  • French paté
  • Scrambled Eggs with Ham
  • Scrambled Eggs with 1 lobster (600 g)
  • Fresh foie roasted with apple

Salads and Vegetables

  • Special salad (traditional)
  • Salad with fruit
  • Lobster salad
  • Raf tomato salad with tuna belly
  • Artichoke with dark truffles
  • Andalusian Gazpacho with Lobster
  • Nuestro Tomate Relleno
  • Burrata salad
  • *Servicio de Pan con All i oli

Sandwiches & Pasta

  • Lobster spaghetti
  • Lobster sandwich
  • Fillet steak sandwich
  • Burguer Gourmet Angus Burguer

Rice dishes

  • Paella Alicante (free-range chicken and seafood)
  • “Puig Campana” paella ( with red tuna, squid and artichokes). Paella or broth
  • Monkfish and prawn paella
  • Monkfish and crayfish paella
  • Beach rice (cuttlefish, cuttlefish, peeled shrimp and monkfish)
  • Rice “a banda” (served with freshly cooked fish)
  • Black rice
  • Free-range chicken, rib and vegetables paella
  • Rice broth with octopus
  • Rice broth with lobster
  • Special seafood paella with lobster
  • Fideuá Seafood


  • Entrecote, from supreme Galician beef
  • Fillet steak, from supreme Galician beef
  • Fillet steak with foie and “Pedro Ximénez” sauce
  • Galician beef t-bone steak, matured for 50 days, 1 kg. For 2 people
  • Fillet of iberian pork with mushrooms sauce
  • Duck breast fillet with cherry sauce
  • Cordon Blue with Gorgonzola sauce
  • Baby lamb chops
  • Baby lamb chops sauteed with garlic sprouts
  • Charcoal grilled chicken

Sells and Shell fish

  • Steamed mussels
  • Steamed cockles
  • Oysters Gillardeau (unid)
  • Shrimp (200 g)
  • Grilled lobsters
  • Baby Claws


You can find daily in our restaurant fresh fish, captured with harpoons, and from our local fish markets. Dentex, White Sea Bream, Bass, Red Sea Bream, etc.

  • Oven baked or charcoal grill fish, fresh from the bay (kg)
  • Fresh fish from the bay, oven baked in salt(kg)
  • Suquet de Peix (Monk fish) Pure Tradition !!!
  • Grilled turbot
  • Turbot with prawn sauce and white wine
  • Red tuna fish “Balfegó”
  • Potage de Garbanzos con bogavante

Red tuna fi sh “Balfegó” zone

  • Red tuna tataki “Balfegó”
  • Akami tartar
  • Dúo de Tartares al natural, akami y ventresca
  • O’toro Tartar with caviar 10gr.
  • Onion tuna with raisins and pinions
  • Tuna lingol with crunchy pistacho
  • Tartar de atún rojo “Balfegó”
  • Carpaccio de Ventresca de Atún
  • Ventresca sashimi
  • Red tuna sashimi
  • Duo de Sashimi


Choose from our wide variety of homemade desserts.


Market Menu

Seafood Russian salad

Battered squid rings, fresh from the bay

Rice “a banda”

Dessert: Ice cream of nougat with hot chocolate

“Drinks not included”


Picoteo Menu

Seafood Russian salad with lobster

Red tuna tataki “Balfegó”

Raf tomato salad with tuna belly

Home-made lobster croquettes

Baby Claws

Entrecote, from supreme Galician beef

Dessert: Cheese cake

“Drinks not included”


Lobster Menu

Lobster salad

Lobster croquettes

Lobster rice broth

Dessert: Chestnut cream with chocolate and “Maria” biscuits

“Drinks not included”